One Solution

for all capacities

Taxonomy Mapping

Synchronous Capacity Allocation

Platform Use Cases

Suited to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to raise funds to finance their growth. Listing requirements are simplified and reporting requirements are lighter than for the regulated market.

Offer an alternative route for organisations that are in earlier stages of development.

Matched Principal

A platform where the bid-ask spread is determined by quotes given by dealers or market makers (quotes driven). 

Even if the price is not determined by orders directly by investors, every market order must be matched with an order placed by another investor, in order for the transaction to go through.

Real Estate

Asset tokenization represents the convergence of real estate investing and blockchain technology. It helps asset or fund owners raise capital more efficiently and gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity.

Deal on Own Account

(DEAL Capacity)

Transactions in one or more financial instruments.